Our Services



Retirement Planning

Legacy Financial Services, Inc. provides investment and distribution strategies that can help you to create streams of income to last throughout your retirement. We encourage growth, and promote tax reduction that will benefit you for years to come.

Estate Planning

Our firm can help you create a legacy for your family. We can help you design strategies to transfer your assets to loved ones in tax efficient ways. This can be an empowering tool to help you determine who will benefit from your legacy.

Asset Allocation

Balancing your investments to protect your wealth is crucial to your long-term financial security. We are here to help you protect your wealth and promote your financial stability.

Wealth Management

Managing your wealth is an important part of being financially secure. This is why we offer a variety of planning services to help you protect your assets and reach your financial goals.

Risk Management

Planning for your family's financial security is a vital part of financial planning. We can help you determine your needs by analyzing your current situation and recommending options that best fit your circumstances.

Investment Strategies

Planning your investment strategies is an important part of meeting your financial goals. Financial Advisors at Legacy Financial Services, Inc. have the experience and knowledge to help you meet those goals. Regardless of the market conditions, our Financial Advisors can help you develop a strategy that best fits your goals, lifestyle, and tolerance for risk.